Paul Barry

December 10, 2007

I just got a new Macbook Pro and I’m slightly underwhelmed so far. It didn’t have Leopard installed, it has Tiger. Ok, not a big deal, but it is a slight annoyance, considering Leopard has been out for over a month. It did come with the Leopard DVD, so no problem, I’ll just install that. So I pop in the DVD, reboot, and we’re back to the Welcome to Mac OS X 10.4 screen. :(

Luckily I stumbled across this article the says hold down “C” while it is booting to get it to boot from DVD. Or maybe the command key. Oh, and if that doesn’t work, then try Command+Option+Shift+Delete. Huh? I know that white screen that comes up with the grey apple is pretty and everything, but do you think they could have it detect if you have a DVD in the drive, and if so, have it say “Press the Apple Key to boot from DVD”? It’s always the little things. Anyway, let’s see if I can have Rails running by the end of the night.

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