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Gittin' with the times

February 6, 2008

Anyone who keeps up with Rails in blogiverse knows by know that Git is the new hotness. Once you’ve got a peepcode, well, that’s it, you’ve got the ultimate endorsement from the Rails community. I know nothing about Git and I have resisted the change up to now, but I ran across Dr. Nic’s new Rails 2.0 Textmate Bundle and figured it was time to git with the times (pun intended).

So like any good hacker, I google Git, found the download page, downloaded the latest source tarball (1.5.4 as of now), decided against reading any documentation or instructions and just ran ./configure, make, make install. Even thing worked as planed and after following Dr. Nic’s instructions, I’ve got the latest Rails 2.0 Textmate bundle.

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Git is the new trendiness. ;-) It's worth knowing for that reason alone (because everyone else seems to be using it).

But I would highly recommend checking out Mercurial and Bazaar (my personal favorite) for slightly different (and, in my opinion, better) takes on the distributed version control. Bazaar and Mercurial are also much easier to understand and get up to speed on.

One major thing git has going for it versus the competition: it's *fast*. But that gap is quickly closing as well. Bazaar in particular used to be very slow, but their performance tuning efforts prior to releasing version 1.0 paid off.

Personally, I've been using the bzr-svn plugin for almost everything I coded during the last several months.

# Posted By nick evans on Thursday, February 14 2008 at 11:47 AM


My take on Git is that the distributed version control is great for open source projects, where you have a bunch of people spread out and you want to be able to clone a repo, make some kind of experimental change, and then ask the project maintainers to take a look. If you are in a situation where you work in a company that uses an internal SVN repository, branches work fine, there is less need for the distributed model.

# Posted By Paul Barry on Thursday, February 14 2008 at 3:29 PM

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