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April 17, 2008

I gave a talk last night at the NoVaRUG on Merb. I also gave the same talk at B’More on Rails last week. Thank You to everyone who helped organize these meetings and to everyone that attended. Here are my slides from the presentation:


The 16th slide titled “Demo” has a video embed in it that didn’t translate over to SlideShare, so here it is. This video demonstrates using the render_deferred method of Merb to return a Proc to mongrel which releases the lock on the Merb app and allows other requests to be processed by Merb. I added this one in at the last minute, it wasn’t included in the Baltimore talk. I have to give credit and save that this was inspired by George Malamidis’ recent blog post.

UPDATE: The video of this presentation is available here

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Thanks for the great presentation at NovaRUG. You covered Merb very well. Also, thanks for your detailed (and prolific) blog entries -- there are lots of good tips in here.

# Posted By David James on Monday, May 5 2008 at 1:52 PM

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