Paul Barry

BrowserCMS on Rails

December 31, 2008

If you haven’t heard the news already, BrowserMedia will be releasing BrowserCMS as an open source product, based on Rails! BrowserCMS 2.0 is a proprietary J2EE product and we’ve been working on BrowserCMS 3.0, a Rails-based version of the product for the last few months. Patrick Peak and I will be giving a few presentations in the next few months covering some of the motivations and lessons learned, as well as previewing some of the features of the product. First up will be the DC Ruby Users Group on Thursday, January 8th at 7:00pm. After that, we’ll be up in Baltimore for B’More on Rails on Tuesday, January 13th at 7:00pm. Then we’re headed to Orlando, Florida for Acts As Conference on Saturday, February 7th at 10:00am.

BrowserCMS 3.0 isn’t just an Open Source Rails version of BrowserCMS 2.0, it also has a new design and lots of new features. We will be finishing up the initial development phase next month and will release the initial beta version at Acts As Conference. We’ll be building out sites with BrowserCMS 3.0 for our customers at that time, so we’ll be looking for people in the community to try it out and give us feedback.

We’re excited about what we’ll be able to do by bringing together BrowserCMS and Rails. We’re also looking forward to Rails 3.0 and taking advantage of new features in Rails brought on by the Rails/Merb merger. So if you have a chance, please stop by one of the upcoming presentations, see what we’re up to and let us know what you think.

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