Paul Barry

Gittin' with the times

February 6, 2008

Anyone who keeps up with Rails in blogiverse knows by know that Git is the new hotness. Once you’ve got a peepcode, well, that’s it, you’ve got the ultimate endorsement from the Rails community. I know nothing about Git and I have resisted the change up to now, but I ran across Dr. Nic’s new Rails 2.0 Textmate Bundle and figured it was time to git with the times (pun intended).

So like any good hacker, I google Git, found the download page, downloaded the latest source tarball (1.5.4 as of now), decided against reading any documentation or instructions and just ran ./configure, make, make install. Even thing worked as planed and after following Dr. Nic’s instructions, I’ve got the latest Rails 2.0 Textmate bundle.

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