Paul Barry

Why do we give Apple a pass?

March 23, 2008

I’ve been adding a few music podcasts to my iPod this morning, and I ran across a website that appears to be producing a pretty good podcast, but as far as I call tell they don’t list their podcast in the iTunes directory. That seems odd, you would think they would want people to subscribe to their podcast via iTunes, but they do have an RSS feed. So I thought, ok, well maybe there’s a way to subscribe to an RSS feed via iTunes, but there doesn’t appear to be. It makes sense too, because Apple wants you to go through the iTunes store to subscribe to a podcast, so they can get you to buy music in the process. In order to maintain their monopoly, they’ll never add that feature.

So I’m trying out YamiPod which appears to have that feature. But it got me to thinking, just as the first poster points out in a recent Slashdot article calling out Apple for unfairly bundling Safari with iTunes, why do we let Apple get away with all sorts of monopolistic things that we would absolutely kill Microsoft for? I think the obvious answer is that, in general, we like Apple and the software they make, but I think we’ve got to call them out on things like this.

Update: Whoops, my bad :). If you go to Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast in iTunes, you can subscribe to any random URL that is a valid feed.

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